Love the food! I've never been into French food at all but I came here for brunch with a friend and this is going to be one of my spots from now on. The perfect combination of French flavors and tastes, with amazing brunch food. Everything was super fresh and I had what was definitely the best crepe in Queens!! Got to check this place out if you’re in Astoria!

Alexus C.

My girlfriend’s parents were visiting from France, and one afternoon we decided to go for lunch at a Chez Olivia - just to see what they thought of French food in America. While it's definitely French bistro food and they explained the distinction, they absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t have expected that at all, but we all had a great time and had a lovely meal.

Greg J.

Sweet crepes are my absolute favorite thing on the menu! Don’t get me wrong, I've been here a few times since it's right in my neighborhood, and the food is great…but my coworkers and I have made it a ritual to get sweet crepes whenever we can! I recommend the salted caramel or banana Nutella - easy 5 stars!

Leandra B.

A cute neighborhood spot. Perfect for a quick lunch, or even a nice dinner with friends and family. The fact that it's right here in Astoria makes it so ideal! Become a favorite for my wife and me! And we ALWAYS make sure to take something home for later, especially dessert!

Danny C.

Everything on the menu is amazing! I’m a big fan of bistro food like this, especially French food. There is literally nothing better! The crepes, the sandwiches, the bread, the French onion soup - I seriously cannot get enough of it! And I know most people might be against it, but you MUST try their escargot (yes snails!). it really is delicious, if it's done right, and so many places in Queens completely ruin the experience. But I’ve already had them 3 to 4 times at Chez Olivia and each time was better than before! Don’t be scared, give it a try! Your taste buds will thank you!

Breon K.

Chez Olivia is relatively new, but it's become my favorite restaurant in the area! Astoria has a lot of cute, cafe-type places, but the fact that they offer amazing French bistro items sets it apart from the rest! The ambiance is great if you want to sit down and enjoy the night, and have drinks with friends or family, or it's the perfect place to pick up - especially for me since I live right down the block lol!

Artemus Z.

If you don’t know French food you have no clue what you are missing! Since I visited Paris as a kid, it's always been my absolute favorite. And Chez Olivia reminds me of being back in a local cafe in Paris, the lights, the people, the service, and especially the food; it's all top-notch! I can’t complain about a single thing! And everyone who works there is so welcoming. My favorite things I think everyone should try are any of the mac n cheese options, or if you are feeling adventurous, the octopus and chorizo.

Yanique F.

I was born in France and go back at least once every 2-3 years, so I consider myself someone who knows French cuisine well! The bistro items at Chez Olivia are probably some of the most authentic you can find in Astoria, it's almost exactly what you’d find on someone’s picnic blanket by the Seine! Highly recommended!

Maribelle S.

My GF and I can’t get enough of Chez Olivia! Its become our go-to spot since we moved to LIC since it's a short drive to Astoria. There is literally nothing better than enjoying some escargot, baked brie, and some amazing wine with each other! Plus it's not too stuffy at all like a lot of other places with French food. The vibes are perfect! Doesn’t matter if you’re on a fancy anniversary dinner, a boozy brunch, stopping in to grab a quick sandwich on your workday, or even just want to get a few drinks before going out for the night - Chez Olivia is the perfect place!

Wayne D.