Chez Olivia
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Chez Olivia offers a refreshing and innovative new take on traditionally authentic French bistro selections and items! The newest addition to his restaurant group, Chez Olivia has become one of owner Vincent Caro’s prime locations, and slowly becoming a favorite of individuals throughout Astoria, Queens!

An area known for its diversity, Astoria offers patrons from every walk of life an opportunity to enjoy an amazing community with even better food options! With individuals across the world gathering in a densely populated, family-oriented area - Astoria provided the perfect location for Chez Olivia!

An Authentic French Bistro
With Bistro-style cuisine, Chez Olivia and its team are dedicated to bringing a new side of France to NYC. From traditional favorites like crepes, French onion soups, and cafe sandwiches of all kinds, to delicacies like escargot, octopus, and much more! - Chez Olivia offers a menu packed with options that match every New Yorker’s palette, while maintaining its authentic French roots.

The team at Chez Olivia is well-trained and highly experienced at French bistro cuisine. Combined with their unique vision, and the desire to provide patrons with the very best food items, its no surprise Astoria is raving about Chez Olivia! From the ownership, to the kitchen staff and front of house, the entire Chez Olivia team is dedicated to making your experience the very best it can be!

Farm to Table Experience
At Chez Olivia, we pride ourselves on fresh, high-quality food, that tastes amazing! And good food isn’t possible without high-quality ingredients. Working alongside some of the premiere local farmers, butchers, fisheries, and more, allows us to get only the freshest possible local ingredients, faster and more efficiently than anywhere else - for an experience that is truly, farm-to-table!

Not only does this benefit our customers, and the quality of their food, but also allows us to support other local businesses, just like us!

Perfect for Any Occasion
Chez Olivia offers a fun, vibrant, yet cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion! Whether you are looking to hold a private event with friends and family, a business lunch with colleagues, Sunday brunch with friends from college, or an intimate dinner with your partner, Chez Olivia is the place for you!

Prime Location
In close proximity to public transportation and local highways, Chez Olivia is located at 20-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105. Within walking distance of Steinway Street, Astoria Park, and right across the East River from Manhattan, Chez Olivia is the perfect dinner option for any night out in NYC!

Reserve Your Table Now!
Chez Olivia is the newest establishment under our ownership, to learn more about any of this or any of our other amazing restaurants in NYC be sure to contact us. And to make a reservation, or find a table at Chez Olivia, you can call us at (718) 204-0952 or visit the Reservation section of our website!




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