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Chez Olivia is one of the newest and most unique eateries in all of Astoria. In the heart of one of the most diverse boroughs of New York City, Astoria is known for its blend of many cultures coming together in harmony - and Chez Olivia fits in perfectly!

Boasting an expansive menu of authentic French bistro cuisine, with an American flare, Chez Olivia has already become a favorite amongst locals and even attracted individuals from across the city, looking for an authentic French taste, in a fun, vibrant, yet comfortable atmosphere!

Whether its for Sunday brunch, a working lunch with colleagues, or an intimate dinner with your partner, Chez Olivia offers something for everyone. From traditional French favorites like Escargot, Coq au Vin, and Cordon Bleu, to bistro sandwiches, burgers, crepes, and more - our menu is prepared fresh by some of the most experienced French chefs in Queens. We also offer a number of vegan and vegetarian options for patrons as well.
A True Farm to Table Experience! The Chez Olivia team sources only the freshest, high quality ingredients available in NYC! We utilize local farmers, fisheries, and butchers - to ensure we not only have the best quality ingredients, but they are sourced ethically and in a way that provides our patrons with the freshest, best tasting meal possible!
Unmatched Atmosphere At Chez Olivia we strive to provide patrons with an experience they would only find at a local bistro on the streets of Paris! For a unique experience, and an authentic taste, all its own, visit Chez Olivia today. We accept walk-ins as well as reservations, so feel free to contact us at (718) 204-0952 or reserve your table online now!

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